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Author Topic: What is a Mini-Forum?  (Read 13052 times)

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What is a Mini-Forum?
« on: March 31, 2015, 11:35:31 PM »
We have observed how players help players become players of O2JamV3. (y)


Though we can see its success rate, we also see how inefficient and inconvenient it is for active members. Therefore, we decided to launch a MINI-FORUM!

Mini-Forum, unlike a conventional forum, is only intended for organization of guides, tutorials, suggestions, and events. Facebook is just not the room for tutorials as it's not designed for such. Furthermore, even organizing through an external file and uploading it buries such relevant information after several posts.


So in order to address that, we decided to open a section to give the community the power of customization.
Unlike before when only administrators have access to tutorial sections such as the Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) section, we extend such power to the community since honestly, we cannot help the server grow by ourselves. We need help from the community in order to accomplish such goal.

You're not just players. You're the community!

Why not launch a forum instead?
Facebook already provides an easy access for the community to communicate and to share their thoughts.
Our Facebook Group has been the root of the community's growth. Why reinvent the wheel?

Despite our mini-forum launch being initially empty, we would like to ask help from the community to fill it in with helpful data for the benefit of many.

Don't get us wrong though. The community populating the mini-forum does NOT mean that O2JamV3 staffs will not help populate the forum as well. Don't leave us out from the community. Staffs are also players thus, being a part of the community.
Be wary about the rules by the way.
We have a thread about that in our Policy Desk section so don't say we didn't warn you.  :P
Community Rules
In-game Rules
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