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Author Topic: Suggestive questions you should ask yourself when notecharting.  (Read 1008 times)

Johney Kamen (Tree) (OP)

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Feel like making a good notechart but get no idea if you really are? Try asking yourself the following questions.
>Have you slowed down the speed at least twice and checked if every sound is in sync?
>Have you noticed some tricky instruments that always sound like 16-bit, but they really are not?
>Do you know the fact that when you slow down the music, some low-pitch sounds may become too buzzy to hear clearly?
>Do you know that for certain high-BPM songs, you're supposed to pull the BGnote down by a 192nd grid to make the overall tap/finger feel better?
>Are you really picking concrete sounds? If not, is your Stream-of-Consciousness style of soundpicking set up in an ordered and organized manner, and does it fit well into the music?
>Is the chart well focused on the most important/distinct sounds in all parts of the music? If not, does your chart bring about some feeling or features of the music that people don't normally recognize? Or even if you as a notecharter can't really get what you mean by certain parts of the chart?
>How flexible is your soundpicking strategy? Does it fall into loops again and again as the song goes?
>Are there any sounds that you've never picked or thought of picking throughout the chart?
>Do you know a trick called "leaps" of sounds that instead of picking all 16-bit sounds for example, you skip some of them occasionally and make your notes incontinuous 16-bit to avoid monotonity?
>Do you know you can sometimes manipulate note timings? For example, since 32-bit under 180 BPM looks too harsh and unreasonable, you may change it to 24-bit.
>How often are you aware of manipulating note positions so that they don't go wild and anywhere?
>Do you ever spend time memorizing or developing nice patterns that can be used as instant resource?
>Do you stratify numbers of notes? Does your chart tend to fall into uniform numbers of notes, i.e. your notes come in all ones, twos etc regardless of the existence of possibly overlapping sounds that come with some particular rhythms?
>Are the notes balanced on both hands, and possibly each finger? Are there moments in the chart where some finger takes unreasonably many notes, while some others simply don't get enough?
>Do you know that LNs, especially overlapping LNs, can be extremely difficult to handle in terms of arrangements?
>Do you get into symmetries too much?
Tap/Finger Feel
>Are you confident to announce the fact that the ringless version your chart has a better tap/finger feel than one with a random ring? What is the probability this happens? 50%? 70%? 90%? Almost always? Are you obsessed with playing your own chart ringless?
>Similarly, how much do you consider about the SPACE key? Are you confident to announce the fact that for those who hit SPACE with one thumb, they must play ringless, and for those who hit SPACE with the other thumb, they must play with mirror ring?
>Are there many cornered notes in your chart? Notes that greatly limit the movement of fingers?
>Are you confident to announce the fact that each mode of your chart looks as if done by different notecharters?
>How much does your chart change when the song repeats itself? Do you notice possible nuances between seemingly repetitive sections?
>When charting a different mode, do you start over or just add/delete notes from existing modes?
BPM changes
>Do you really need those BPMs at certain places?
>Are those BPM values carefully considered to fit in the song and actual game play? Is any of them too harsh?
>Are there any high BPMs placed along notes?
>Do you thoroughly understand bumps? Can you properly apply slow-to-fast and fast-to-slow bumps? Do you know you can develop complex bumps such as fast-slow-fast bumps from elementary ones?
>Are there unreasonable sudden attacks, BPMs not considering responding time?
>Do you understand teleports? Are you overusing them?
>Do you know you can sometimes use extremely high or low BPMs to pull those measure lines back on track?
>Do you consider the base BPM? Do you know that a 240-BPM trick under the base BPM of 90 looks completely different than one under the base BPM of 180 due to different speed players choose?
>Do you understand the concept of scope? How much do you think the entire visible play area covers when playing at 6.0x? 1/4 of a measure? Where should you place those notes in a BPM trick so that people can see them in advance instead of getting a sudden attack?
>Have you tried gradual/differentiated BPMs instead of the mundane 1x changing directly to 0.5x and them back to 1x?
Overall chart settings
>Do you tend to resort to difficulty once you realize quality is too tough a job?  :D

iBMS【4th Age】


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Re: Suggestive questions you should ask yourself when notecharting.
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2015, 07:31:01 AM »
here's a tutorial that recognize the pattern of notes (non-Keysounded)

Johney Kamen (Tree) (OP)

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Re: Suggestive questions you should ask yourself when notecharting.
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2015, 02:20:28 PM »

Nicely suggested video. Here's my feedback.

1) I agree with more than 60% of the tips he put forward. I especially enjoyed the fact he mentioned that LNs are hard to master;

2) Some of the tips are good for newbies only. There're way a lot more strategies of manipulation and methods of variation out there for pro notecharters;

3) Think critically of some words he was saying, though. Some examples are:

Tip #2: Does the trick work well all the time? Would it be optimal for tap/finger feels if two or more types of sounds are significantly unbalanced in numbers, while you still pull them apart in terms of notes? Also, is it true that in this way, players always get the best sense as of what sounds you're picking?

Tip #3: Is the latter portion of the tip 100% valid? One thing against the suggested tip is that the arrangement of LNs can be quite different from that of SNs. Would it really be a good idea to set up the base structure before you "LN-ize" it? Or is "LN-ize" simply a good term?

Tip #6: If he intentionally put a "stray" note in column 5, he should've changed some other notes in that flow as well.

Tip #8: Depends on what kind of short LNs one uses, how much they fit into the music and how good one's arrangement of LNs is. If the music clearly suggest use of similar patterns, don't hesitate to apply them unless you're not confident about the arrangement.

Tip #9: Note this is a real nice tip regarding the case shown in the video, but it might not be the best option for all cases. Sometimes there're a lot more factors to consider than pitches/identical sounds only. You may give up more if you stick to one specific rule.

Tip #11: High subjective. Worth considering, though.

4) One thing I'm not satisfied with the tutorial is that even the mentor who posted it (the left chart) did not do some real good work on the notechart. This instantly deducts credits from my view of the whole picture. The most awkward moment comes with his BPM changes, especially the one in the middle where he suddenly increases BPM from 75 to 300. Soundpicking and arrangement are just average, with noticeable flaws that need to be revised. Syncness? Well, if you play the video at half speed, you'll notice at least two off-sync notes.

Thank you for mentioning that!
iBMS【4th Age】


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Re: Suggestive questions you should ask yourself when notecharting.
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2015, 05:33:16 PM »
ur welcome :D


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Re: Suggestive questions you should ask yourself when notecharting.
« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2016, 04:11:53 PM »
Suggestive questions to ask yourself while note charting:
"Would anyone like it HARD?" "Should I put in something LONG?" "Is SLOW fun?"
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