[O2V3]+March+Update+[2] (1)

We got fresh new 8 songs for this month’s update.
> Caramelldansen (Ryu Remix)
> Itooshii Hito No Tame Ni
> Special Days
> Meimetsu (inst)
> My Neighbor Totoro
> Hesitation Snow
> China Dress
> Ojamajo -Carnival Remix-
Latest Song pack is already available!

January Song Update

[O2V3] January Update

January has just started and we have another update for you brought you by our Notechart Team and contributors! Check out the 7 new songs which are now available in-game, and make sure you have updated your songs as these 14 song updates are intended to address the misleading levels, sync issues, and bugs to ensure an enjoyable gameplay for our community!

New songs:

> Fake Red Shoes
> Mermaid Girl -Eurobeat Remix-
> 300 Violin Orchestra
> I Say Yes (Full Version)
> Hana wa Odori Reya Iroha ni Ho
> Oriens
> Koi no Uta

Updated songs:
> Sleeping Terror
> Invincible
> Darkness of Baroque
> Heartbeat ~Perfect Harmony~
> Decade
> Decade -Another-
> Heaven is a Place on Earth x1.2
> Fatally -Another-
> Click
> Fake or Fate
> Guren no Yumiya
> Hare Hare Yukai (Euro Mix)
> Magus Night

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24 Song Requests Now Available in O2JamV3!

[O2V3] Top 20 Nomination Part 2

Available for download in O2JamV3’s Song Pack section!

The Top 20 nominations were extended up to the Top 24 since the last place (14 voted songs) had a 4-song tie.

Here’s an overview or the results:

[O2V3] Top 20 Song Result [2]

Patch your game and download them now!

Happy New Year and Happy Gaming!

We hope for your continuous support throughout 2015 in order to keep O2Jam alive.

December Update Part 2!

This December, we bring you a 2nd update, 2 new songs, 2 new updated songs, and 2 TIMES THE EXP RATE!

Available for download in O2JamV3’s Song Pack section!

New Songs :
> Christmas This Year
> Senbonzakura

Updated Songs :
> Fight 4 Real
> Santa-san

Patch and play these new songs now in O2JamV3!

December Update

[O2V3] December Update

We have 8 new songs and 5 updated songs for you this December!

Available for download in O2JamV3’s Song Pack section!

New Songs :
> Fight 4 Real
> Futari no Honey Boy
> Santa-san
> Fortissimo -From Insanity Affection-
> Satori ~ 3rd EyEs
> Connect
> Koisuru*Uchuu Sensou!!
> Beethoven Virus

Updated Songs :
> Eleventh Heaven
> Holy Humiliation
> Heaven Is A Place On Earth x1.2
> Donaitachi
> Wonder Nanda Kataomoi

Patch and play these new songs now in O2JamV3!

November Update


We have updated 6 new songs for this month’s update.
The songs are
> Raydance
> Click!
> Squartatrice
> Gate Openerz!
> Pink or Black

And updated 3 songs from our current list
> Eternal Recurrence
> Preserved Roses
> Late in Autumn

Please patch your client to update your game with the new songs.

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-If your recent level gets beyond the game’s max level after getting the reward, you will only remain into level 100. It will not go beyond that.

-Make sure your new account have LOGGED IN THE GAME AT LEAST ONCE. If not, you won’t be getting the reward.

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