Late-Late August Update

[O2V3] Late Late August Update

Never too late for an August update! But yeah, we’re sorry about the delay. It was a pretty big update.

Anyways, we have 14 new songs available in Artemisia (Progressive Zone)!
Spoiler: V3 II and Uptown Funk is coming to O2Jam V3
Check and download them now: Click here

Big Update Part 3

[O2V3] Ataraxia Unlocked

Greetings O2V3Jammers! Thought the BigUpdate was already over?
We would like to announce that Ataraxia (Constant Zone) is now unlocked!

Ataraxia contains all the old songs before the July update!
No need to redownload the old songs (If you did not delete the “Unused Songs” inside your O2JamV3 folder)
The song packs and client packages will be updated this week.

Complete details: Click here

Happy gaming!

Big Update Part 2

[O2V3] July Interface UpdateWe heard you want to Auto-Patch your songs in the game. Now we’ll make it a reality!

Did we mention that we will bring back the Long Note Style option? Well it is now available in our new Launcher!

We also enhanced our Room Design in-game. For an experienced player, the Jam Arena Fonts are significant to one’s performance. Now we’ll make it more accessible to you!

More details on the Big Update:




June Song Update

[O2V3] June Update

Never too late again for another song update! (y)
Well, it is still June from where we are from 😛

Enjoy 8 new songs brought you by our Official Notecharting Team and contributors from iBMS 4th Age!
– Download at O2JamV3 Mini-Forum (Click Here)

Good news for our early adopters of the Full Client (now available for download, click here) as these songs are already included in your client!

Now available at O2JamV3! Patch your game now!

Start playing with our Full Client with just 3 Steps:

  1. Download and Install: Click here to download
  2. Register: Click here to register
  3. PLAY!